Most of Morton enjoys Folkloric Dancing


Fernanda Barrios, reporter

About half of Morton students enjoy Folkloric dance.

Folkloric dancing is big in Hispanic Culture; Morton East is full of students that grew up watching these special dances. Folkloric dance club is a club in which students can participate and show off this part of their culture.  And, anybody can join this club.

In a survey of 100 Morton East students, 51 indicated that they do enjoy watching Folkloric dancing.

So now what exactly is Folkloric Dance. “Ballet Folcklorico” being the original name is a traditional dance formed by the different regions and states of Mexico.

Folkloric Dance goes way back in Mexico history. It all started with ritual dances performed by the Indians/Aztecs. They used Jewels and flowers to decorate costumes. They also create their own music and beats using instruments they have.

Amelia Hernandez was a Mexican choreographer who started creating dances inspired by the many different regions of Mexico. In 1952 she founded her own, now big ” Ballet Folcklorico” Academy located in Mexico City.

Here at Morton East High School we have our very own Folkloric club, now directed by English teacher Janet Montalvo and English teacher Alleana Austin.  Students and staff from Morton East have many opinions about Folkloric Dancing and the school’s club.

“I’ve been dancing for 9 years, so it’s something I really like to do. And when I found out there is a club I was like mind as well join it. I know a lot of people were going to be beginners so I knew I also wanted to help out,” junior Carolina Lara.

It’s amazing to have some amazing dancers come in and want to help out others learn and love this.

“My favorite thing about Folcklorico its how pretty it looks with the skirts and everything and how they could be themselves in the dance as well surprise everyones with the different types of dances,” junior Itzel Duran said.

There is many things to check out about everything that goes in Folkloric dancing from the costumes to the performances.

” Back when I went to school here I was part of the club for 3 years; I really enjoy it,” Morton East security guard Karla Gonzalez.

It’s nice to know how the school has the club going through the years.

” I personally don’t dance, but the reason I wanted to become a supervisor for the club was to get more in touch with my Latina heritage and learn more about my culture, and even though I don’t dance I still have learned so much,” English teacher and club supervisor Janet Montalvo.

You don’t need to know how to dance to be able to learn about Folkloric and its amazing cultures that it carries.