Security busts students vaping in bathrooms


Security will confiscate any vaping products like these.

Allan Duran, Emmanuel Vargas, and Nathaniel Molina

The number of students caught vaping in school has increased from last year.

Various security responded to Pony Express questioning regarding the number of times they have caught students vaping in the bathrooms.

So, how many times is it?  It depends on which security person you talk to.

“Once a week,” Ebony, from security, said.

But, some have busted more.

“(The most is) eight or nine times a week,” Chris, from security, said.

And, it seem the number of students vaping has increased from last year.

“This year, I’ve caught about five students (vaping).  Last year, I caught two.  This week, I’ve caught one,” Luis, from security said.

So, what happens when students are caught?

“It depends based on (the student’s) background and (previous offenses). But, we contact the parent, send (the student) home with a parent, and give an out-of-school suspension,” dean Ms. Gomez said.