Lost jobs causing strain on Cicero families

Gissell Guzman, Reporter

Parents and students are losing their jobs because of the pandemic — and it’s putting stress on the household.

Some students say (job loss) is fine because they get to spend time with their parents and they say it’s fine. The students who disagreed say it’s not fine because they are losing jobs and they need the money to pay bills.

According to a random survey of 50 Morton East students, half of them disagreed because they think it’s unfair that the parents are losing jobs because of the pandemic, they also need to pay bills and bring food and also pay rent or pay for the house. We also have teenagers who also work and try to help their families, but now they cannot because now teenagers are also at risk of getting the virus without knowing.  Some adults don’t understand that there is a virus going and they still go out without wearing a mask or invite more people over than the recommended limit.

“Working less in the sense of people losing their jobs or hours is definitely a tough situation. We all know that it is happening now for the health of the greater good but it does not make the difficulty any less. People need to pay their rent, put food on the table, and more and without these jobs or support, it can make life hard,” Lead Art teacher Ms. Crespo.

I understand that a lot of people are losing jobs and need support from other people. There are other people that don’t understand about the pandemic and think they can go to parties and not wear masks — mostly young adults that don’t understand.

“As I mentioned before, the lack of jobs is tough but understandable if we are tightening up in trying to lessen these COVID cases. I know I am blessed to still have my job but it is definitely heart wrenching to know so are struggling a lot with basic necessities,” Lead Art teacher Ms. Crespo.

People keep losing jobs and also need money to buy groceries.  Parents also need to feed their kids by giving them breakfast and lunch — though Morton helps out with that.  Married couples are stressed because both may be at home — and only one is helping out.