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Morton East found the Super Bowl dull

Javier Zenteno, Leonardo Rodriguez, Leonel Palos, and Cristian Gutierrez

February 19, 2019

Filed under Community, Opinion, Sports

In a survey of 100 Morton east students, we found that 65 students said that that the Super Bowl was boring; 35 said that it wasn’t boring.  The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest events in the United States for sports,but unfortunately this Super Bowl was very boring ...

Black history month celebrates different tactics, same goal: civil rights

Andres Moreno and Alexis Arellano

February 15, 2019

Filed under Community, Opinion

February is Black History month; it's when influential and articulate activists of civil rights for the African American people -- such as Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) and Malcom X (X) -- are recognized for their different...

Paper work versus electronic work

Candy Flores, Bryan Benitez

February 14, 2019

Filed under Community, Opinion, Student Life

Many people find it easier to do things with paper and pencil because that’s how they cope, as others find it simpler to do things on their phones to have it on the go. According to Google In Massachusetts, it was districts that switched to online testing that had higher prior achievements. Back wh...

What will people do on Valentines Day?

Juan. Avila and Jasmine Jimenez

February 14, 2019

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

According to a Morton East survey of 120 students, 77% will celebrate Valentine's Day and 23% will not. Valentine's day has always been celebrated for centuries, but the true origins as to how it started to many are unknown....

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