Facebook is failing

Alfredo Martinez, freelance reporter

Around 2019, Facebook had a data breach of their user’s data. A staggering 533 million users would have their information leaked to the public, visible for anyone to see. The entire incident would go unnoticed. On top of that, there’s much more.

People don’t seem to realize that Facebook is a much worse social media than you think. There is a plethora of evidence proving so.

Some will look at it and say, “Well, each social media company is flawed in one way or another, so you can’t just assume something like that.” But the company has done enough to prove that statement completely wrong.

For starters, Facebook is widely known for being a major source of misinformation, with a lot of pages and people spreading false information on the platform.

Around 43 Facebook pages that are based on spreading health misinformation total 3.8 billion views per year according to Avaaz, a public interest advocacy group.

On top of that, a widely publicized study from the anti-hate speech advocacy group Center for Countering Digital Hate showed that out of 30 anti-vaccine groups, 12 members contribute to 70 percent of that information that is spread.

According to a poll from GALE, the younger generation “somewhat” uses Facebook as a source of news, that on its own could be a problem when it comes to things such as misinformation.

Furthermore, another problem would be the major violations of privacy that occur on Facebook.

Millions of people’s information was being taken without their consent according to British consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica. The data would harvest 87 million profiles, according to the scandal.

According to a New York Times article, team Obama was actively mining data of their users to win the 2012 election, whilst Facebook simply shrugged it off, considering people were mindlessly allowing access to very private information.

According to a Gallup survey taken by people, there has been a 13 percent increase in change when it came to people’s concerns over privacy.

Lastly, Facebook is also a big cause in the spread of violent and malicious media such as murders, shootings etc.

According to Facebook, 24 hours after the New Zealand massacre, 1.5 million images and photos of the event were spread around Facebook.

Over 45 violent and illegal acts were recorded on Facebook live service throughout 2016-2017 according to a chart created by Alex Kantrowitz, a reporter for BuzzFeed news.

According to Facebook, some cases of suicide being broadcasted takes them weeks to be scrubbed off the website.