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Will more or less students smoke weed after January 1?

Adrian Martinez, JohnAntony Molina, Kevin Reynoso, and Jorge Godinez

October 7, 2019

At Morton East, 15 students get caught smoking marijuana every year in school.  Will that get better once it becomes legal? In the survey “do you smoke marijuana,” 55 out of 100 said yes and 45 said no, so, in conclusion,...

Actually reading is better than listening to books

Victor Munoz

May 8, 2019

Imagine you found yourself in need of a book to read, but don’t have the physical copy. You don’t want to go out, so you decide to either buy a pdf of the book or an audiobook. But you know audible has a 30-day free membership...

Venezuela needs a new president — oust Maduro

Juan Avila

April 22, 2019

Russia is now in Venezuela, should the U.S be worried about a potential attack? The current president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has been facing strong opposition as a new candidate for presidency Juan Guiado wants to claim his ...

Do We Need More Female Superheroes? 

Silvia Jimenez

April 22, 2019

There are only two strong female lead superhero films. Captain Marvel from Marvel and Wonder Woman from DC. Both films received high ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, there is in the making of another female sup...

I’m a girl caddie! I defy my traditional gender roles!

Paola Gonzalez

April 22, 2019

Part of working as a caddie includes carrying a golf bag that weighs approximately 30-45 pounds for about four hours. One day, my co-worker (who happened to be male) and I were standing with our assigned golf bags waiting for our ...

All Kids Should Be Vaccinated 

Stephanie Ortega

April 22, 2019

The percentage of kids in the U.S who don’t get vaccinated has quadrupled since 2001. About 100,000 children who are now younger than 2 aren't vaccinated against 14 potentially serious illnesses says Amanda Cohn, a pediatricia...

Pro-lifers don’t deserve punishment and prison — even if you don’t agree with abortion

Jasmine Bonilla

April 22, 2019

Three women incarcerated in El Salvador, being accused of homicide for having miscarriages.  Alba Rodríguez and Maria del Tránsito Orellana both served nine years, while Cinthia Rodríguez spent more than 11 years in prison. ...

It’s not enough to be a smart consumer — you need to be ethical too

Alexia Hernandez

April 22, 2019

Ethical consumers- Are you one?   When using social media to shop or simply look at your newsfeed, being an ethical consumer should be one your main priorities. By choosing to be an ethical consumer not only are you helping smaller more ethically ru...

We need better sex education programs

Alejandra Prieto

April 22, 2019

There’s about one pregnant girl in every class you go into, maybe even two. Many girls I’ve talked to say they didn’t plan it or say it was an “accident” and didn’t know it would have happened to them.  Schools should be required to teach comp...

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