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Transitioning from Morton East to Morton College

Pedro Zuniga and Aaron Fajardo

December 18, 2018

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Transitioning from Morton east to Morton college  The average price of going to Morton College would be $5000. Morton College was founded in 1924. At Morton College, you would be able to set up a schedule in either ...

About half of students support teachers with “glocks”

Alexander Ornelas, Dominic Nixon, Josh Puentes, Aurelio Servin, and Jesus Andrade

December 18, 2018

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In a recent survey conducted within Morton East High School, out of 118 students 49% support teachers carrying firearms on school grounds.    As of March 2018, there have been eight school shootings in the United States this year. Due to the increase of shootings within schoo...

Morton West’s musical “In the Heights” trends on social media

Giselle Camacho, Student Reporter

December 18, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Community, Student Life

The musical, “In the Heights” performed at Morton West by their theater club was trending all over social media in the past week.  This musical was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda who’s best known for his other musical “Hamilton”. This mus...

New coaches improve Morton East

Kevin Castillo, Alexander Velasco, Oscar Cruz, Raul Caro, and Adrian Barrera

December 17, 2018

Filed under Community, Sports

As the years go by here at Morton East, the athletic program is always welcoming new students to the sports offered. However, not only are new students coming but so is a huge wave of new staff and coaches to come help and improve...

Illinois becomes a sanctuary state

Jackie Leon, Osiris Aldana, Giselle Camacho, and Jennifer Soto

December 12, 2018

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Is Illinois a sanctuary for immigrants?   Immigration can be a sensitive topic for most which is a common thing here in Cicero seeing as most of the population here consists of Hispanic/Latino families. Millions of ...

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church prepares for Christmas pageant

Jackie Robles, reporter

December 12, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Community

At Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, the youth group is preparing for their Christmas play -- based on the birth of Jesus. According to Relevant Magazine, it states that most people believe that Christmas is all about drinking...

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