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Bianca Nicolas

Student Bianca Nicolas enjoys swimming.

According to SwimJim, there are physical health benefits in swimming, such as burns a significant number of calories, approximately 40% more than biking when done for an hour. This makes it an effective exercise for weight management. Swimming can also help with inflammation like any other aerobic activities. Swimming is excellent for strengthening the heart and lungs, as it can be beneficial for individuals with exercise-induced asthma. Though it also benefits your mental health, as swimming can lower stress and depression.

“Me ayudo a hacer ejercicio mientras tienendo mucha alegria (It helped me exercise while having so much fun),” Father of four Felix Rosales said.

People have different reasons for enjoying swimming. Some are drawn to competitive swimming, while others simply appreciate the physical health benefits. For some, it's the emotional connection they feel with the water and the soothing sensations it provides.

“It helps me relax. The way the pool slowly makes motions for such soft massage,” Sister Lesley Santana said.

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Bianca Nicolas