No time for Dunkin’ Donuts, try Morton’s Grab n’ go

Natalia Marquez, Reporter

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Morton East students helped provide breakfast for the teachers earlier this week, they were fast-paced and neat with handling the food.   

Natalia Marquez
It was a great way to start the morning thanks to culinary students.

The culinary department was so kind to provide this breakfast for the staff. The students had on their chef apron, making them look very professional. Although some students did try/want to buy some food from them, they couldn’t because it was a breakfast for the teachers only. 

“It’s a fundraiser for the culinary department, and also to provide students with hand on opportunities in hospitality, food service, and production,” Mrs. Del Monaco & Ms. Rinehart said. Teachers from the culinary department.  

Some teachers have a breakfast spot already, where they like to buy their breakfast on their way to work. Others like to try new things.  

“I picked up a scone, it was better than Starbucks and I went back for two more and said they were for two teachers, but only one was. It was delicious, it really was,” Mr. Frankfother said.  

There is always room to try new things, that’s the most exciting part. The students who helped in any way for this teacher breakfast were so excited to try this new thing out. 

“The preparations of the food were a little difficult but it’s worth it at the end because it was an enjoyable experience,” senior Naven Valdez said.  

There are people who enjoy doing kind things for others.  

“The morning café was a fun and exciting event, not only did it help interact with people and adults but gave me experience on dealing with customers,” senior Alexander Ornelas said.

Natalia Marquez
A culinary student prepares for gran n’ go.