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Do we really care? Cookies tell the tale

Jacqueline Cheek, Fabian Garcia, and Alexa Bello

March 23, 2017

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At Morton East cookies are given to students as a token of gratitude by the school usually nominated by teachers. Teachers nominate students for care cookies to show that they care for school and for the students education. In ...

Students nervous about AP Tests

Johnny Duran, Israel Salgado, and Randy Servin

March 22, 2017

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AP Testing is right around the corner. There are less than 3 months for AP testing and students should start preparing for these heavy tests. Testing takes place during the first two weeks of May.  Chemistry, environmental science...

SAT slightly different from ACT

Tayja Spraggins and Sophie Ruiz

March 22, 2017

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This year, students will be taking the SAT at Morton East -- a slightly different test from the ACT which was previously given at school. 103 random Morton East students were asked which of the required standardized achievement...

Teens eat on the streets, not at home

Salvador Galvez, reporter

March 20, 2017

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Morton East students (and teenagers in general) tend to prefer to eat out on the streets -- junk food rather than house food.  They say it tastes better and it's quicker than waiting for house food to be ready. Fast food places...

Deportation starts with the criminals in Chicagoland

Crystal Covarrubias and Andrew Guerrero

March 20, 2017

Filed under Community, News

  Since February 13, forty seven men and one woman have been arrested in the Chicago area.  ICE officers have arrested 235 people in Illinois. Many fear ICE as they are beginning to crack down on illegal immigrants...

Class of 2019 hosts Turnabout

Luis Velazquez, Cynthia Velazquez, Vanessa De La Rosa, and Alejandro Garcia

March 20, 2017

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Class of 2019 will be hosting this year's turnabout at Morton East High School on Saturday, March 18. As a tradition, the sophomore class hosts a spring dance as a  fundraiser for their necessities, such as next year's prom....

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