Popeye’s wins fried chicken war

Popeye's wins fried chicken war

JohnAntony Molina, Adrian Martinez, Jorge Godinez, and Kevin Reynoso

So, who wins the fried chicken fast food war:  Popeye’s, according to Morton East.

We surveyed 121 random Morton East students, asking them to choose their favorite fast food Chicken restaurant?  Popeye’s got first place with 39 votes.

“Popeye’s is cheaper with better breading and better fries,” Cristian Perez said. 

But, not everyone agrees.

“Popeye’s has dry chicken,” Betty said.  

  Raising Canes (Canes) got second place with 34 votes.  

“The reason I like Canes is that they have the best sauce, “Alberto Diaz said. 

  Chick-Fil-A got third place with 24 votes.   

“Chick-Fil-A has the best spicy chicken,” Francisco Rodriguez said. 

Of course, the seasoning doesn’t satisfy everyone.

“Chick-Fil-A has salty food,” Betty said.  

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) got fourth place with 16 votes.  

“The way (KFC) season(s) their chicken is better than other competitors,” senior Leslie Hernandez said. 

Pollo Loco got last place with 8 votes. 

“(Their) spices are good, and the deals are good,” Javier Lopez said.    

  In conclusion, Popeye’s got first place which means students in Morton East prefer Popeyes vs other chicken competitors.