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The student news site of Morton East High School

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The student news site of Morton East High School

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Spotify Wrapped Unwraps Students Tunes of 2023

Locals view their Spotify Wrapped highlights.

Hip-Hop and Rap was the most popular genre that appeared on Morton East’s students’ Sportify Wraps this year.

Spotify Wrapped is a popular marketing campaign by Spotify that allows users to view a compilation of data about their activity on the platform over the past year, such as their top artists and top songs/genres. Spotify Wrapped 2023 has just been released, and there are many users who are excited to see what they have been listening to this year. According to, the popularity of Spotify Wrapped has increased over the years; in 2017, there were 30 million Spotify users accessing it, and in 2021, it increased even more with 120 million more users. In a random survey of 110 Morton East students, 88 students reported that they have Spotify. The most popular music genre among the students was Hip-Hop/Rap, but many others prefer a different genre.

“Most of the time I discover new music on TikTok or on Instagram because those are the apps I use the most,” senior Yaritza Coyotl-Flores said.

Meanwhile, other people have a different opinion.

“None of my top songs surprised me because I still listen to them, and they are my favorites,” senior Alondra Hernandez said.

Diana Rodrigez reveals a penchant for music, listening to every hour, partially after school.

“I listen to music every hour but mostly after school,” senior Diana Rodriguez said.

Social media emerges as a significant influence on music taste, as highlighted.

“My favorite song of the year is ‘Rose’ by Jaydes because it became popular on my TikTok,” senior Javier Cabral said.

In a more personal connection to a specific artist, she expresses her admiration for Fuerza Regida.

“I like Fuerza Regida, and my goal for the coming year is to go see them at a concert because I enjoyed their music, and it will be great to hear them on stage,” senior Daniela Garcia said.

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