Spotify Wrapped, Unwrapped

Most of Morton East students have Spotify.  

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students 71% said that they have Spotify.  

According to Spotify For the Record’s “Everything You Need To Know About 2022 Wrapped,” Spotify Wrapped has become a well-known event at the start of December. This event shows people personalized statistics on the kind of music they listened to that year. You can find your Spotify Wrapped by simply going to the home page of the app. Of course, everyone who has the app can access it! It is not just for premium users. It has been around for 9 years now, yet this year a new section was added called “listening personality” and “audio day.” Many Spotify users look forward to the release of their Spotify wraps so they get to show others their music taste in the form of an organized slide. It shows your top artist, top genres, top songs, the minutes you spent listening to music and even more. Spotify even makes your own playlist with your most popular songs and even new ones to explore.

“My top artist was Frank Ocean and the genre I listened to most was rap. I was happy with my Spotify Wrapped results,” junior Arturo Cervantes said. 

Freshmen, Lesly Gonzalez, relates to junior Arturo Cervantes.

“My top artist this year was Melanie Martinez with my top genre being electric pop! I had around 41K minutes of listening time, which was more than last year. Spotify is one of my favorite apps and I’m always looking forward to celebrating my yearly Spotify Wrapped with friends,” freshmen Lesly Gonzalez said.

Some quotes can be a little sentimental.  

“My top songs took me down a trip to memory lane because during my life I had different phases which led to different music being played throughout the year,” senior Ingrid Limon said. 

Watch and listen to your Spotify Wrapped every year-round!