Students down on Bears this year

The Morton majority says the Chicago Bears are a bad team thisyear.  

In a survey done around the school, out of 100 people, 73 said the Bears were a bad team so far this year while only 27 people said the Bears were good so far.  

“The Chicago Bears were a good team before until they traded some of their good players and over time the team got bad,” said senior Antonio Robles.

Others are more optimistic.    

“(The Bears are) not as bad as I thought considering it’s a lot of rookies or new players playing in a new system;  it takes some time to get used to it,” said senior footballer Manuel Navarro.

And, others say the Chicago Bears have the talent; it just needs to be better utilized.

“We can do something with Justin fields (our starting quarterback). We just gotta make a gameplan around what he’s good at like running around and throwing the ball on the run, since he did that a lot in college,” said senior Edwin Diaz.