Students spotlight favorite decorations


Christmas tree at the home of the journalist

Edgar Alonso

Morton students and staff have spoken about their favorite Christmas decorations:  “It’s all about the lights!”

When 100 random students were asked what their favorite Christmas decoration was, 49% said lights, 24% said trees,  15% said inflatables, 7% said window stickers, and 5% said wreaths.Christmas trees were first brought into the Christmas tradition when Christians living in Germany adopted the German symbolism of trees representing everlasting life with god. More than 80 million families decorate for Christmas and over 150 million lights are sold each year. Tinsel used to be a sign of wealth, with gold being a better fit for candles and lights, and copper and silver did not shine as well.

One of the librarians that decorated the knowledge center, Brian Paychek, said “I like a good wreath” when asked about his favorite decoration. When asked about how many of his decorations he reuses every year, he said, “My lights, my tree, the ornaments pretty much the only new thing is i get a real wreath.”

We also asked a student who loves decorating for Christmas what her favorite decoration is.

“My favorite Christmas decorations are lights. Preferably the colorful ones. Something about them makes me feel warm and happy,” Said journalist Ashley Ceballos.

It isn’t just staff and students in Morton East who decorate for Christmas, staff from other schools have their own opinions too.

“The most important part of Christmas is the tree. It’s got lights on it already but it also comes with ornaments. I’ve reused the same tree at home for way too long, and i keep using ornaments my kids made since they were toddlers,” Said Maria Lopez, a secretary and Christmas decorator at George Washington Middle School.