Has Thrifting Changed Lives at East?

More than half of East students are into thrifting.

According to LifeHack‘s “20 Amazing Benefits Thrift Shopping You Probably Never Expected,” thrifting gives you the chance to find designer or vintage clothes for much cheaper. Thrift stores can have many out-of-print items or rare finds in general.  Thrifting is good when you have a tight budget and can help you develop a much more unique wardrobe because of their constant change of selection through donations. Thrifting is also environmentally friendly!! Some thrift stores even work with charities.  

In a random survey of 100 Morton East Students, 58% said they shop at thrift stores, many-recommending Goodwill and the flea market. 

“Thrifting for me changed my life because I enjoy it.  I have more fun at a thrift store than I do when shopping at a regular store just because it’s more exciting that you’re like ‘woah, this is super cool’ or ‘omg, I’ve been wanting this and I got it for a fraction of the cost,’ ” English teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said. 

Another teacher, Ms. Lisa Dure, agrees with Mr. Kent Frankfother. 

“Thrifting does save a lot of money. I couldn’t always buy the clothes I liked so I would go to rich neighborhoods’ thrift stores to find good items. I’ve found a pair of baroque red flared bottom pants along with a retro dress,” art teacher Ms. Lisa Dure said. 

According to The Good Trade “Secondhand Style Is Chic & Sustainable,” not only can great quality pieces can be found for too-good-to-be-true prices, but, buying secondhand clothing that is still wearable keeps them out of landfills.  

“I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at thrifting, I just know what I like and look for it while thrifting. It’s hard at times though, there are piles and piles of clothes you must look through when thrifting at times, so I usually color coordinate or filter stuff by what type of category,” senior Maria Jaramillo said.  

Thrifting a lot of the time is not just a trend. 

“I didn’t voluntarily get into it at first, my family just had me thrifting at such a young age because of their low income. As I grew up, I started to get the hang of it and liked going to thrift even finding expensive brands while thrifting,” senior Carla Carrales said. 

Thrifting can be fun and beneficial, maybe you should try it!