East loves its festive drinks

Fernanda Barrios and Diego Barocio

During the Holiday everyone likes a little festive drink, whether they go out and buy it or they make it themselves — but coffee is still king.

Holidays are around the corner and everyone is ready to get all their Festive drinks. Many people enjoy the holidays because they can get a taste of their childhood.  This special drinks are meant to make one feel warm and cozy whether there alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.  Of course, who are teachers without their coffee?

Morton East staff members really spike up the numbers on Tuesdays with their free late-start coffees and hot chocolates in the teachers’ lunchroom.  Accoring to lunch lady Bonnie, teachers drink 130 to 140 cups on those days.  But, some staff switch to something sweeter for the holidays.

“(It’s all about the) eggnog; I get my eggnog from Jewel,” Karl Benford culinary teacher said.

Most people at Morton East High School seem to spend around average 11$ per drink.

“I drink iced sugar cookie almond milk latte,” senior Abby Davila said.

A traditional Latino favorited drink, Ponche, was made for the Morton East High Schools Posada.

“Ponche has hibiscus (ajmaica), guava (guayaba), raisins, dates, cinnamon sticks, and pears,” Ms. Jessica Herrera, a culinary teacher, said.

“It took about 2 periods for the deseeding process and chopping up fruits and then another 2 periods to finish the drink, ” Willie Simmons a culinary student at East said, “My best guess is that we made around 5 gallons.”