Fraction of East students have military family

Pony Express Staff

About 20 percent of students at Morton East have family members who are serving, or have served, in the United States military, survey says.

In a random survey of 171 Morton East students, 33 students (or 19 percent) said they have a family member who is currently serving, or who has served, in a branch of the US Military.

According to USA.Gov’s “Join the Military” The six branches of the US Military include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Space Force.  The National Guard is a special branch of the military that serves both the federal and state governments, responds to emergencies as needed, and supports the Army and Air Force on a “reserve” b basis.

“I’m not sure if my cousin Brian is a jarhead or not — AKA a Marine.  (Regardless), I hope he feels accepted and honored on Veteran’s Day.  He lives in Michigan and visits here in Chicago whenever he’s off base, but I don’t think I’ll see him on Veteran’s Day,” senior Luis Valera said.

Mr. Frankfother, an English teacher at Morton East, won’t see his dad in person, but he knows he will be celebrated.

“My dad was in the Korean War.  I know he’ll go to a restaurant in Milledgeville and probably get a free meal.  I know for a fact he’ll be wearing his Korean War Veteran’s hat.  So many people come up to him and thank him for his service when he has it on,” English teacher Kent Frankfother said.

Senior Casey Nessbaum has a family friend who served, but also plans on serving himself when he joins the Army after graduation.

“My grandma’s boyfriend was in the Marines.  I’ve seen pictures in his room of his troop.  (On Veteran’s Day), hopefully he feels good that he served his country.  I will probably tell him, “Thank you, for serving the country, this Veteran’s Day,” Casey Nessbaum said.

If you have a friend of family member who is serving, or who has served, in the US military, please show your gratitude.

“My family will probably do a get together for my uncle on Veteran’s Day,” senior Diego Barocio said.

“I will hopefully wake my brother up bright and early with some breakfast,” senior Yessica Martinez Castillos said.