Homecoming royalty: Queen Aguayo and King Ballesteros crowned

Gabriela Duran, Reporter

This year’s Homecoming royalty are Arianna Aguayo and Antonio Ballesteros for queen and king, respectively.

Morton’s big homecoming dance held in the beginning of the year, especially big for the homecoming court and the winning king and queen.

It was a special night for many Morton students on that night, Saturday, September 10. Around 7 pm was when students were finally able to dance the night away. students had the option to be in the main gym with the Banda or in the field house with a DJ. Concessions were being given out as well such as food like pizza and drinks with the help of Ms. Sandoval and many other teachers and volunteers.

“This was the most I’ve seen people attend any homecoming dance; it was really fun and exciting to see new faces this year, the turnout was great!” senior Ahtziri Munoz said.

This year home coming court had 9 students in it, two students who won senior king and queen were Queen Arianna Aguayo And King Antonio Ballesteros. Who knows how stressful it can be to run for homecoming king and queen or the campaigning process of it all? According to thermtide.com they believe that Homecoming is a “fun tradition” that can bring the seniors together and provides entertainment for all students. Despite it being something fun and exciting for everyone only they know just how the process was.

Homecoming court .

“No, I found that it was a challenge trying to come up with engaging ways to promote my campaign but once I started brainstorming, I had a lot of fun doing it,” said Arianna Aguayo when questioned just how easy or hard the campaigning process was.

When homecoming king Antonio Ballesteros was asked the same question, this is what he has to say about it.

“Promotion came by easy, but it wouldn’t have happened without my loyal subjects. I don’t use social media, so I asked my closest friends to promote me. They took it to the next level. They made photoshop edits of me and next thing you know people around the school are telling me their seeing my face reposted everywhere,” senior Antonio Ballesteros said.

Although it might have been a “long two-week period,” according to homecoming coordinator and math teacher Ms. Courtney Miller, who helped make all this happen, the homecoming campaigns and voting process was worth it at the end for everyone involved and, of course, the winning king and queen.

“I felt proud of myself and the hard work I’ve put into this campaign. I also lived out my childhood dream of being Homecoming queen just like all the high school movies I watched growing up!” said homecoming queen Arianna Aguayo.