Unexpected albums dropped in 2021

Wendy Arellano, reporter

Last year in 2021 many famous singers dropped their albums — some of them were unexpected.

According to the article “Pitchfork” Many amazing singers had been planning their ideas to drop some good albums for year 2021, Some of  these albums were created by famous singers very well known like Drake, Tyler the creator and many more according to this article some of the too albums were “Planet her” by Doja, “The off season” by J. Cole. In a random survey of 50 students here at Morton they were asked which one was their favorite album of 2021.

One of the most liked album was “call me if you get lost” by Tyler 10% said it was their favorite. Also like Doja cat’s album with 10% as well and on 4th and 5th place was “Whole lotta red” by playboi with 9%. But the one that the students voted their top favorite was  “The off season” By J.Cole with  12%. This Album was released on May 14, 2021  by Dreamville records, and Interscope Records. This album has a record of 62 million streams this album broke spotify’s one-day streaming record. It also hit the Billboard 200. In just a week J.coles album accumulated 325.5 million streams. According to this many people and students here at Morton East seem to like this album.

In second place for Top favorite albums we have “Planet her” by Doja cat, 10 people voted for her as their favorite album,  In the year 2021 in July it surpassed the 1 billion streams on spotify. This was a history breaking record by a female rapper. But also she was dominated for Album of the year and Best pop Vocal Album. The least favorite album was “Whole lotta red” by Playboi with only 9 people choosing the album.