Morton students pick favorite school lunch for 2021


In a survey researching what is Morton East students’ favorite lunch of 2021, the healthiest option took last place — and chicken came out on top.

In a random survey of 50 students, 18 students claim that the spicy chicken sandwich was their favorite lunch of 2021.

According to ” Carb Manager” the spicy chicken sandwich contains 15 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat, The total calories of the spicy chicken sandwich it is 340 calories.  But, what makes the spicy chicken sandwich so special?   Maybe it is the warm bread.  Maybe it’s the spicy breading.  Maybe it’s the juicy chicken pattie.   Maybe that’s why Morton East students love the spicy chicken sandwich so much.

Meanwhile, 14 students stated that nachos are their favorite food. And, pizza scored third place with 11 votes. In the past, pizza was Morton East student’s favorite meal. “Pizza Friday !! ” as they said.

Four students preferred popcorn chicken, and only three said that salad was their favorite.  The salad contains 235 calories, and is jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients. Although it is a very healthy choice, salad takes last when it comes to taste, students say.