Do you like scary movies?

Yair Zecena

The majority of Morton students enjoy scary movies.

In a random survey of 50 students,  32 said they like horror movies; 23 said they didn’t.  And, can you believe five said they had never seen one?  According to “Why some teenagers like horror movies so much (and some adults too)” it is not known specifically how many people like horror movies, it is only known that thousands more people watch every day. There are many reasons why we may decide to watch horror movies. Although without real damage or the possibility of ending up dead, dismembered or possessed, psychology affirms that we see them because we want to understand our fears and the fears of the population as a whole.

“I have always liked scary movies since I was a kid, watching scary movies with my older brother. One of my favorite movies is “It” because clowns are scary,” Senior Pedro Lemus said.

As there are students who like scary movies, others do not like them for reasons

“I have never liked scary movies, because one day I was watching a movie called “A Nightmare on Elm Street” about this character called Freddy Krueger. When the movie finished I was going to go to sleep, but when I was going upstairs, I heard someone touch my back and I was very scared, as I was small. And from there I no longer like scary movies,” Sophomore Niurcka Ramon said.

Finally, you can only like the movies of certain types or certain characters

“I love scary movies, although I’m more of a fan of diabolical doll movies:  Chucky, Billy the Puppet and Annabelle are my favorite movies,” Junior Juvenal Barajas said.