Get ready for Christmas shopping

Do not push! Christmas is approaching and shopping will be chaos.  

According to “Holiday Shopping is starting earlier than ever in 2021-here’s what you need to know” from the USA Today, this Christmas Season would be like no other.   Shopping has started earlier than ever and half of Americans in the country have already bought most of their presents. In addition, making 70% of product to be out of stock within just a few days.   What is great is that Target, Amazon and other bigger stores have started Black Friday deals earlier than expected because of shipping delays and cost.   

However, no need to worry because there is still some time left for you to get amazing deals. In a recent random survey at Morton East, only 21% of 100 students have started Christmas shopping.  

At Morton East teachers, Mrs. Lloyd, Mr. Robinson, and Ms. Blanco responded to Christmas shopping and gathering with family this year.   

This year shopping can be different ever since the pandemic started and purchased early Christmas gifts to have every present ready on time.  

I don’t exactly know how much I am going to spend, but it is always more than I think. I do not like to say what I spend because I am not sure if it is more or less, than other people spend. If it is more, I feel like I am spending money needlessly, money I do not have! If it is less, I feel like I am being greedy and not spending on my loved ones,” English teacher Mrs. Lloyd said.   

According to Investopedia of “How COVID-19 Changed Our Saving and Spending Habits” Many people were affected during the pandemic and losing their jobs has made them harder for them during the holidays and making their expenses pile up. 

“Covid hasn’t really affected our spending budget, but it has changed the way we think about what makes a good gift. We now believe much more in life experiences than in material things, for example, before Covid, I might have gifted my wife jewelry or something like that, and now we spend the money on vacations and time spent with family instead. I do believe, though, that the financial hardships caused by Covid have affected many households when it comes to their ability to spend on holiday gifts,” English teacher Mr. Robinson said.  

“I have about 20 or so family members and friends I buy gifts for but gifts can range in price so I would say I spend at least $300 depending on what gifts I find. Our family often tries to see if we can find cool and personal gifts that are cheaper to help save on costs,” Art and Design teacher Ms. Blanco said.  

Others have already spent money on Christmas shopping as early as the start of October or started their wish lists.  

I have started making and sharing lists with family members because some of them have already started shopping.  I have not actually purchased anything yet, but I do have a bunch of things in my Amazon cart, waiting to buy for Christmas. Therefore, I have rather started. Lol,” English teacher Mrs. Lloyd said.   

Christmas every year is different, and some shopping experiences can be crazier than others can.   

My daughter and I shop every Black Friday, but it’s pretty quiet out there the last few years. We like to go to Ulta and look at makeup. They always have fun Christmas bundles and gifts, like if you spend so much money; you get a blanket or a robe. However, I buy a lot online, too. When my kids were little, I saw a lot of aggressive behavior at department stores and at Toys R Us, if you remember them before they went out of business. The line at Toys R Us would be so long, and we would wait in the freezing cold for the doors to open. When we got in, my mom, sister, and I would run to grab the sale items before they were gone–DS games like Mario Kart and Cooking Mama, Webkinz and Polly Pockets! Then we would stand in the Toys R Us line for about an hour before it was our turn to check out. There were always people trying to cut in the line and arguments would break out between people. Sometimes people would say to us, “Oh, you got a Tickle Me Elmo! I was looking for them, but they are gone.” Moreover, we would feel guilty for holding that special toy that others wanted–and everyone wanted Tickle Me Elmo. I remember my mom saying, “Don’t put Elmo down! Someone will grab him!”  It was extremely competitive back then. But these days the fights are online, with everyone putting their orders in as early as possible,” English teacher Mrs. Lloyd said.  

This year can be a hard one due to high demand for products, it can be impossible to get them in time for the big day due to not having enough workers or the disasters of the supply chain due to the pandemic.   

“All I know is that Covid has killed hundreds of thousands of people probably some from the supply chain workforce, time during the quarantine with family, working remotely, and just the trauma of everything have made people reevaluate their beliefs about how they are treated at their jobs and therefore seek better treatment or pay elsewhere,” English teacher Mr. Robinson said.   

“I do not know much about the supply chain disaster to be honest, but I am assuming it is how COVID has affected the production and delivery of goods. I understand that our society’s consumerism is often out of hand and even with COVID does not seem to show signs of slowing down and thus we will be stuck. I think back to the toilet paper supply shortage when COVID began. It is when people think that supply is low, now with the supply chain disaster they tend tonic, buy in fear and miss out, Art and Design teacher Ms. Blanco said.  

Hoping that this year will be a different one and reunions with our loved ones. According to CNBC “Americans are looking forward to holiday travel this winter but overspending and uncertainty could spoil the fun many Americans now feel comfortable due to vaccinations rates have increased and are ready to get out there. 

“All my family in Illinois are vaccinated and so we feel safe with spending time together. I do have a family in Texas who do not believe in vaccinations, masks, or Covid severity to be honest. We usually make a trip down there to celebrate Christmas every year, this year it depends on if my son has the chance to vaccinate before then. With the new ages and doses available for the vaccine, it looks better than it did a month or so ago for us to visit. My wife and I are discussing all the things that go into making the decision,” English teacher Mr. Robinson said.  

“My family and I typically celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve all together with an early dinner, game time and then presents. We take turns passing out our gifts so we can appreciate each one special,” Art and Design Ms. Blanco said.  

Christmas is such an important day that it brings family together for at least day; without Christmas, the year would not be the same.