So, clowns — funny or just plain scary?

Evidence indicates that majority of Morton Students do indeed believe that clowns are funny — yet, a significant number fear them as well.

An recent experiment conducted by five Morton Pony Express News staff reporters researched whether students at Morton believe that clowns are hilarious as intended or just plain scary.  In a random survey of 58 East students, they found out that 32 students believe that clowns are indeed funny, and 26 students believe that clowns are scary.  That’s almost a split decision:  54 percent are laughing, while 45 percent are crying when they see clowns.

There is research stating that teenagers that don’t find clowns amusing.  According to Focus Hypnotherapy’s “Are Clowns Funny or just plain scary?”, clown anxiety often begins as young as 4 or 5 years old, at amusement parks or birthday parties.  Kids meet clowns without any preparation by parents or personal expectations.  Now, let’s be real:  clowns are freaky looking — bright wig, big red nose, big shoes, crazy outfit, weird actions, odd speech.   And, a child can’t read a clown’s emotions or feelings behind all that white and red make-up — the fake smile or frown, possible tears and dimples.  All that together makes them unpredictable and frightening. Then, add some loud horns and jumpy behavior; it’s just too much.

“This fear is so strong that the child or teen can’t go anywhere near a clown or even look at pictures of them,” according to Focus Hypnotherapy.

You might wonder, who would be scared of clowns? Well, our (almost) fearless leader — principal Gamboa.

“I think clowns are super scary, I’d rather be squeezed and wrapped in a snake than to see a clown.  I think clowns are creepy as hell; I don’t think they’re funny at all, not even to little kids. ” said principal Mr Gamboa.

Other Morton staff think otherwise.

“I think they are kind of funny. I think of Bozo, the clown; he had his own TV show here in Chicago on WGN — Bozo’s Circus.   He had an assistant:  Cookie the clown.  I was never frightened; I would watch the grand prize game with no fear,” journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.

According to the article in Focus Hypnotherapy, fear of clowns is the most common phobias in children.  Well, guess what?  It’s pretty common here at Morton as well.


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