Real life crimes have horrified on Halloween

Be careful what you wish for on Halloween.  These three crimes all occurred on Halloween night:

Ronald Clark “Candyman” O’Bryan:   On a Halloween day, Ronald Clark took his three children trick or treating. His kids wanted a treat so he gave them pixie sticks, but little did they know that their own father would trick them and put cyanide in sticks. Attempting to kill his children to collect their life insurance benefits, he successfully murdered one of his children, while the other two didn’t eat the pixie stick which led to the police tracking down “The Candyman” so quick. He was then sent to life in prison where they would give him a lethal injection and end his life.  

  • Year of murder: 1974 
  • Date of execution: March 31. 1984     

Lawrence Bittiker, and Roy Norris (The Toolbox Killers):  The Toolbox Killers would pick up female hitchhikers and start torturing them with tools you would normally find in a toolbox before killing them. Well, on a Halloween night the killers would make one last victim before being turned in by their friend. Shirley Ledford was hitchhiking home from a Halloween Party when two men picked her up in a van. After picking her up they spent all Halloween night torturing and killing Shirley. When they were done with her, they dumped her body in a random Yard.  

  • They were caught November 20, 1979. 

 Shooting of Yoshihiro Hattori:  Yoshihito Hattori was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. In 1992, when he was 16 years old, he went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana as part of the American Field Service student exchange program. He was hosted by the Haymakers; the Haymakers had a teenage son named Webb.  Yoshi dressed up as John Travolta and went to the Halloween party with Webb in 1992.  On the way, the two got lost and started knocking on doors for directions;  At fate would have it, Yoshi knocked on the door of homeowner Rodney Peairs, who believed Yoshi was a trespasser and shot him dead.

Two days after the shooting became global, people began protesting over the shooting, people were demanding new anti-gun laws, back in baton Rodney Peairs trail was in full effect, some were calling him a killer, others were saying he was defending himself, eventually he was charged with manslaughter. Yoshi’s death was important because it helped pass new anti-gun laws.     

Year of incident:  1992

 The Woodbridge Abductions (Aaron H Thomas):  Three teenage girls ages 16, 17, 17 were abducted by a man on their way home from Trick or Treating at Dale City, Connecticut. All were taken at gunpoint to a wooded area where two of the teenage girls were Sexually assaulted, the third girl was able to call her mother on her phone which caused the man to flee the scene. The police were able to discover some of the man’s DNA which caused him to get caught. 

  • Year of incident:2009

Be careful; don’t be another statistic.