MEHS students plan to party in small groups


This Halloween most Morton East High School students are spending Halloween watching spooky movies with friends. 

 In a recent random survey of 54 Morton East Students, 17 students are spending Halloween watching movies with friends, 15 students are going to party, 13 students are trick-or-treating, and 12 are spending it alone.

Given that this is the first public Halloween since the pandemic, things are not how they used to be. More students are leaning towards being “in a small group than a large crowd,” but still will be having fun. Provided that students are familiar and comfortable with each other, they will consist more of watching movies or partying together safely and responsibly.

Lastly from what we can assume, 54% of students are going to be in a small or personal group partying and transitioning to watching movies at the end of the night.   Finally, we wish all Morton East students a very spooky Halloween weekend.  Be responsible and safe this weekend while also having fun.