Halloween with Family is a treat

This Halloween will be a family movie night — but you’ll have to stick to PG if you have little brothers and sisters.  

According to “Best Halloween movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+” from The Post, this Halloween season would be the greatest to watch movies from the past with family.

Horror movies may not appeal to everyone, but there are thousands of movies to choose from; the most important part is to spend time with family in this chilly pandemic season . Now, with all the apps that we have available, there is no need to go out.

Ask teens what some of the best movies to watch are and you’ll get:  The Stepfather, Hush, The Conjuring, Sinister, my friend Dahmer, Crawl, Parasite, or Lights out, But, most of these are Rated R — recommended to watch with a parent.  

But, no need to panic because there are PG-13 movies that we can still enjoy:  Beetlejuice, Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monster House, The Corpse Bride, Hotel Transylvania, Goosebumps. In a recent random survey of 90 Morton East students there was a tie between “Coraline” and “The Nightmare before Christmas”.  

Coraline Jones, after moving to a new home, discovers a new world in a small doorway that takes her to a parallel world. An adventure where she must fight with her “Evil Mother” and escape from this illusion. Would she make it back to her real world?  

Coraline’s world sounds creepy but so fun to be in. Ivette Rendon who is a Senior in Morton East talks about her favorite movie and scenes.  

“The plot is interesting! It drowns you into a whole new world that seems perfect but isn’t,” said Ivette.  

“There’re many scenes that I loved, but my favorite one would be when the mice perform at the circus,” said Ivette.  

The characters and world sound amazing, and it is a movie that can be enjoyed with family.  

“This movie is a movie that you can enjoy watching with your family and especially with your younger siblings to watch,” said Ivette.  

The Nightmare before Christmas will take you on an adventure with Jack Skellington who enters Christmas town where everything is so bright. He decides it is time for a change in his world and wants to bring Christmas to his town. Would he be able to bring Christmas to Halloween?  

Maya Contreras shares her thoughts on her favorite movie.  

“Show’s a great back story. I really don’t want to spoil anything; you should watch it!” said Maya.  

 There’re many memorable scenes in this movie  

“I think my favorite scene is when Jack is up the hill! Because it is a spooky part of the movie, and it is the best part, “said Maya.  

Movies are the best because they can just start all over again. How great would it be to re-watch them and relieve those favorite scenes and characters? Which movie would you watch again this year?