East really believes in ghosts

At Morton East, a good majority of students believe there are ghosts in the afterlife. 

In a recent random survey of 56 Morton East students, 40 believe in ghosts and 16 do not. 

Throughout history a variety of people have reported many frightening events where they claim “ghosts”, or an odd source of energy showed up. Although there is not a specific place where ghosts come from, they are believed to appear in places people have passed away from.

However, some research suggests that the brain and mind can summon or play with spirits to cope with a traumatic experience. This tends to occur more when a person has the pain of losing a loved one and can’t move on or accept the fact the loved one is no longer here. Similarly, people who have lost limbs can feel “phantom limbs,” in which they feel “sensations” in a limb that doesn’t exist. 

So, are ghosts real? Or is your mind playing games with you?  

“Yes, ghosts are real; a lot of strange things happen all over the world that includes ghosts,” senior Jesus Ruiz said.  

 Some people need to see to believe. 

“I don’t believe in ghosts because nothing strange has ever happened to me,” said an anonymous student.

Others say “No, Porque no,” ghosts are completely fake. 

“The idea of a ghost makes no sense,” said Francisco Ruiz a senior at Morton East High School.