“Among Us” voted as the best videogame of 2020

The year 2020 started with a worldwide pandemic, which meant the closing of schools, jobs, and social distancing from friends and family for their safety. What would people do now in their spare time during a lockdown? 

 Well, tons of video games came out this year and it became a hobby to distract ourselves from the real world. “Among us”, a mobile indie game was the most popular video game of last year for Morton East students 

In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 25 said “Among Us” was their favorite game of 2020. In that same survey, 17 of students said “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was their favorite game of 2020; 25 voted “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, 12 voted “Resident Evil 3” and lastly 7 students voted “Cyberpunk”.

 According to The Guardian “Among Us: the ultimate party game of the paranoid Covid era” by Keith Stuart Among Us has suddenly become one of the biggest games on PC and mobile, attracting more than 85m players in the last six months. It’s so successful, InnerSloth recently abandoned plans to work on a sequel, instead of piling their resources into the original. No one, it seems, is more surprised about the success of this game than its creators.” 

Lots of students were (and still are) big fans of a game called “Among Us” that gained lots of popularity two years after its release. 

“(Among us is) a nice party game for everyone,” sophomore Omar Godinez said. 

Others were big fans of the new “Animal Crossing: New Horizons game”. 

“My favorite game that came out in 2020 has to be Animal Crossing New Horizons. In the bleak dystopian year, 2020 was, Animal Cross provided a nice cozy getaway that lets players flex their creative muscles in a social way” staff member Mr. Elkins said. 

Apart from the trending games, some people also played games that have been around for some time now. 

“The game I played the most in 2020 was League of Legends. I have been a League player since 2011 and with the introduction of Clash, I found myself a competitive outlet that my friends and I could partake in,” staff member Mr. Elkins said. 

Since most people couldn’t play together in person, many people tried party games through video chat calls. 

“I would recommend people play any of the Jackbox games or Skribbl. For many people, gaming is a social outlet, and these games both satisfy that social aspect. Jackbox and Skribbl are great games to play with friends over Discord or Zoom while we still have to be socially distant from one another,” staff member Mr. Elkins said.