2020s Most Watched Streaming Devices



70inch Tv Displaying A Netflix Logo Running at 8k

 Netflix was the most popular for Morton East students. The year 2020 has been rough for all of us. Turning to our Tv’s and watching Netflix has been a huge part of our routines every day in the year. Millions of Americans have decided to cut down their cable utilities and turn to media streaming devices such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube Ect…. 


In a random survey of 105 students, Morton East decided  that Netflix is their go to streaming device. According to google’s calculations Netflix is rated #1 in the world and is currently still on top compared to other streaming platforms. Netflix was released in 2007 but didn’t make an impact into the world until 2013.


“ I choose netflix over any other service. The reason is because it’s easier for me to just chill and not worry about anything, and that way I have something to come home to”- Senior Cassandra Lopez said. 


Interestingly, YouTube came in second place with 59 votes. This is due to the fact that people don’t really watch any videos, they prefer movies or even shows they can stick to. Plus some YouTubers get into drama and some of us are over it. 


“ I choose Youtube over anything else because I love seeing all the drama, and I love seeing BTS and all their videos. I love to match the videos that remind me that I can’t see them in person due to Covid. Even though it’s sad, it teaches me how to speak korean and also some dance moves”- Senior Blanca Valdez said. 


Sadly, Disney+ came in third place with 19 votes. It is possible that people simply skipped over Disney+ due to the fact that it only had rated PG movies and not some action movie and also because people felt like it was only meant to be for kids.


“I chose Disney+ rather than those other streaming platforms. The reason i had chosen Disney+ is because when i was younger i would always love to watch  Disney shows and Disney movies, so when i heard about Disney+ i instantly purchased a Subscription and started enjoying what i use to watch when i was younger. I also believe it is a good platform to watch with a family.” Senior Bryan Silva explained 


HBO Max received about 8 votes. Bringing this streaming device down to last place. 


“ I choose HBO to be my least favorite streaming device because even though i enjoy all the DC movies, it’s pricey. My mom pays $10 a month and there isn’t that many good shows or even movies on there” – Senior Maria Montes said