TikTok: Morton East Favorite App of 2020

Rosa Cota & Mayra Salazar , Reporter

The award for Morton East’s Favorite App of 2020 goes to… Tiktok

There are a lot of things that has happened in 2020. The pandemic not only has affected how we communicate and our day-to-day activities but as well as the usage of the apps and the amount of time spend on social media.

There was a survey that was conducted and we asked what is the most used app that you used in 2020 and coming in first place is TikTok. Now according to dictionary.com TikTok is an app where 1 minute videos are recorded. They can be dances, or you talking, or small scripts. This app was use to be known as Music.ly and TikTok creators bought the company which changed the name from Musically to TikTok. Most accounts that where on Music.ly, have know been appeared on TikTok. TikTok takes a lot of precautions and removes any videos that go against any regulations. Not many Morton students create content on TikTok but they sure do use the app a lot and spend most on their time on it. On the Survey conducted it stated that 67% of students mostly used app is TikTok.

Not only do student used the TikTok but teachers as well.

“I really like TikTok. I have an account and I watch videos on there, pretty much everyday. I think TikTok has two sides to it. There are definitely the negatives because you can easily find yourself Scrolling for hours and mindlessly watching videos, through there are positives because great information can be shared on this platform. I find a lot of cooking/baking suggestions on there, discussing on mental health, book recommendations, and how to videos. Anything in access can be bad but when the limits are there on screen time and knowing when to stop will allow better experience,” Civic teacher Ms. López said.

TikTok not only has allowed to create laugh and intreating but it will help express your art Skills.

“TikTok has allowed many people to express themselves through many creative outlets especially in the midst of a pandemic,” Senior Jessica Rosa said.

The second most used apps is Netflix. According to Netflix.com, Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want without a single commercial – all for one low monthly price. There’s always something new to discover and new TV shows and movies are added every week. Survey show that 17% of students used Netflix a lot in 2020.

Parents as well as students feel like these apps had a impact in 2020.

“Como no habia nada que hacer ni a ningún lado a donde ir, los muchachos se pusieron a ver películas o sus programas,” Rosa’s mother stated.

Money has a lot of play as to why it stands second.

“Netflix cost money and TikTok is free. Netflix has money to make and it need money to create. Meanwhile TikTok is free and for those whose parent have Netflix they are most likely capable to having it as well,” Director of instructional technology and instructional coach Samantha Skubal said.

The third most used app is Amazon. According to ecommerce platforms, Amazon is an app that started selling books on Amazon to now selling things on Amazon and allowing to rent movies, books, audios, and return packages. Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces used by both individual as well as businesses, and the site is available in many different countries and languages. Amazon has been used a lot to ship things for Christmas and to our homes without having to go to the store ourselves. The survey states that 8% of students used that app a lot more in 2020.

Parents as well took advantage of these apps to keep their families safe and it was more reliable.

“Como la gente no puede no pudo salir, Amazon hace los repartos más baratos en repartir y en ventas. Por ejemplo hay envío gratis con la compra de $20 o más,” Mayra’s mother stated.

Although Amazon is the top three apps then why is TikTok more than Amazon?

“I think because younger kids use it a lot  more TikTok than any generation.  Younger generation don’t spend a lot of money on Amazon  like other generation. TikTok is quick get attention easily. I think if you need something to watch and feel good and distractions TikTok was a good source are at,” Director of instructional technology and instructional coach Samantha Skubal said.