Call of Duty: Warzone Best Game of 2020


Josue Diaz

Morton east student josue diaz playing warzone

Jean Guerrero and Josue Diaz

Call Of Duty: Warzone was the best game of last year for Morton East students.

According to Red Player “Warzone Is The Best Battle Royale. Here’s Why” by Admin. Call of Duty: Warzone has implemented the best things from different battle royals. The introduction of the “gulag” an option for dead players to fight for a second chance was a new idea this game implemented. The consistent FPS that the game brings is a high plus that other games lack. In a random survey of 35 Morton East students/Cicero residents, 12 said Call of Duty: Warzone was their favorite game of 2020. 

Over time, Battle Royals have been in the top of games, and 2020 was not an exception. 

“I really liked Warzone, is realistic, fun, and I get a second chance to play again,” Senior Albert Ocampo said. 

Among Us came in second place with 7 votes. This game skyrocket from July 2020 having around 2000 players to having an average of 176,000 players by October 2020. 

“Es muy divertido culpar a mis amigos cuando obviamente se que soy la impostora, senior Brithany Ceja said.  

Surprisingly, Black Ops Cold War tie in second place with 7 votes.  

“Cold war is really fun, zombie mode its decent,” Senior Gustavo said. 

The Last Of Us II came in third with 2 votes. These are some of the most beautiful, most detailed environments I’ve ever seen in a video game.  

“The Last Of Us es una joyaunos de los mejores juegos que he jugado, la historia es muah!,” Senior’s cousin Andy Astaiza said.  

Of course everyone has their favorite. We asked Morton Staff Kent Frankfother a couple questions about the best games of 2020.  

“I do like video games, but they don’t really like me. I don’t think I have a lot of hand-eye coordination, or the master ability for ambidextrous multitasking that is required for most video games. I used to lose to my friends in high school when we went to the arcade — that’s right, the arcade.” Journalism teacher Kent Frankfother 

“I like old school arcade games like Galaga, Tetris and Ms. PacMan. Oh, and Pong — that you used to be able to play on your TV with a console.” Journalism teacher Kent Frankfother