What do girls want for Christmas?

Karla Perez, reporter

Most female students at Morton East, say that they will appreciate anything they get as a gift, but what do they really mean?  


These are some female Morton students at the local Brookfield Zoo, enjoying the holiday and decorating a Christmas tree.

According to a Morton East females, the most requested gifts at East include, chocolates, fuzzy socks, hoodies, favorite snacks and even snow globes! These items have a price range of $5-20$ in the market. Interestingly not all students happen to have something on their wish list.

“I’ll appreciate anything, it don’t matter the price or what it is, even a letter can make me happy,” senior Brittany Ruiz said. 

But not all students have an empty Christmas list. Some students that took the survey desired an item to add to their collection.

“More Crocs to add to my collection, $40-$45,”  senior Briana Maciel said.

On behalf of the Morton Pony Express News, have a happy holiday and break.