The coolest and weirdest Senior experience


Morton Assembly talking about College

Senior year was the most interesting experience that we have ever had. 

The weirdest and most interesting Halloween: This was when the schools power went out on Halloween because of some issues with the school’s electricity. Some students and teachers thought it was made up because it was Halloween, but there was an issue with electricity. 

The lock-down that had parents worried: On December 10, 2019, a student reported that someone in the building had a weapon which caused a lock-down for about 3 hours. This occurred on a half day and normally we don’t get lock-downs on half days which is why people got worried, but thankfully it was a false alarm. 

Unexpected concert: In 2019, we had an assembly that quickly turned into an amazing concert. A lot of great performances were experienced but one of the best ones was Gee Get Money, a rapper that performed free for us. 

 Morton soccer: The Morton soccer team made it to the finals almost winning the championship. All the schools were cheering for their soccer team to win but unfortunately our team lost and got second place.

Morton Basketball: The Morton basketball team made it to the semifinals against the #1 team in state for basketball Curie High school. In the end result the score was 65-52 as Morton lost and didn’t advance to the finals.