How has coronavirus had an affect on you?


With the stay at home order being extended until the end of May, this pandemic continues to change the world — affecting many kids, adults, and families. As schools have been closed for the rest of the semester students have had to rely on E-Learning to continue their academic success. As the pandemic increases the rate of unemployment increases as well. This has led to a lot of panic and paranoia causing many to raise the issue on whether to reopen the economy again.

“I think the government should lower the world’s population by extending the stay at home order since we are overpopulated. Which can cause the virus to spread even faster,” Miguel Ocampo said

Not only is it a good idea to extend the stay at home in order to prevent people from getting sick but it can also be hard for other students to have trouble doing Remote ELearning at home. The energy they had to attend school and finish strong in class is now taken away.

“In my opinion, as a student now having to deal with online school, it’s a very different experience. I feel as if there’s much less motivation than usual and there’s nothing to look forward to since there’s nothing concrete about our senior activities. It’s all really just a sad unfortunate situation but staying at home is for the best,” senior Anahi Luzero said

While students do assignments at home, a few of them work during this time. They have to multitask with school and work itself. Essential workers are very cautious about the pandemic that’s going on.

“I work at a fast-food restaurant where we have been required to wear face masks, wear gloves, constantly sanitize all surfaces, have a sneeze guard at the drive-through, and we try to think of new ways to get the food to people faster because the drive-through line is always really really long,” essential worker Daisy Martinez said