Best Headphone of 2019

It was all about Apple headphones in 2019 — and could be for 2020.
Air Pods Pro is the best headphone of 2019, the survey says. In a random survey of 50 Morton East Student, 27 selected Air Pods as their most preferred headphone
Apple in October 2019 debuted the Air Pod Pro. The Air Pods pro are apple first in-Ear Pods that feature active noise cancellation technology. Its battery life is like the Air Pods lasting up to 5 hours, but with a wireless charging case offers more than 24 hours and 18 hours of listening. Air Pod Pros can cost as much as $249
Here are the remaining results of the best headphones of 2019: we have Apple Beats in second, Bose Sound Sports free in third, JBL in forth and in the last place Sony.