Worst Trend of 2019

Trends become worse every year, as people find many dumb things to do, and post them on social media.  

Tik Tok videos and the “Dame TCosita” meme are the worst trends of 2019, survey says. In a random survey of 50 Morton Students, 22 selected Tik Tok videos as the worst, and 13 selected the “Dame TCosita” meme as the worst trend for 2019.  

Tik Tok was founded in 2012 but launched their famous app in 2017. It took a while for it to grow, but once it hit 2019, millions and millions of people downloaded the app, and not only watched other people do them, but they started making those Tik Tok videos themselves. Whether it’s a 5second video, or a 15second video, millions of people log into the app daily to see what people post daily. As for the “Dame Tu Cosita” meme, it was uploaded to YouTube on April 2, 2018, but many people started to use the song on other memes, or just share that video everywhere.  

With the survey, we had 6 options, Tik Tok videos, Social Media influencers, Dad shoes, Over the line memes, Internet challenges, and the “Dame Tu Cosita meme. Tik Tok videos came in first place, with 22 votes, “Dame TCosita” meme came in second with 13 votes, and Over the line memes came in third with 6 votes. The rest only had one or two votes.