Best Twitter account of 2019

Alexis Quintana

Twitter has become one of the most used social media, the content shared on the platform ranges vastly from news to influencers and celebrities — but the most looked at are common everyday people’s opinion and memes.

@DemetriusHarmon is the best twitter account to follow of 2019 survey says. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 25 selected @DemetriusHarmon as the best twitter account to follow

Demetrius Harmon started to gain most of his followers on Vine, where he would do 6-second comedy skits with his friends. When the popular app Vine shut down he continued to use his platform for comedy and positivity. He later launched hoodies with your matter on them, to spread a positive message.

In second place came @orlanmunizrdz, in third place was @lilearthangelk, in fourth was @bailaqueen and in last place came in @BrotherNature.