School injuries at Morton East

According to the Center for Dease Control’s (CDC) health statistics report “An average annual estimate of 8.6 million sports- and recreation-related injury episodes was reported, with an age-adjusted rate of 34.1 per 1,000 population. Males (61.3%) and persons aged 5–24 years (64.9%) accounted for more than one-half of injury episodes”   

Out of all the sports, Morton East students think rugby is the most dangerous sport at our school.   

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 42 students thought that rugby is the most dangerous sport in school. 32 thought football is also dangerous, and 17 students thought wrestling is too. In our survey, the students had a choice to pick out of soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and bowling.   

Interestingly, the most dangerous sport in Cicero right now would be bowling because of the incident that took place recently at Town Hall Bowl on September 5 when a man threw a bowling ball at victim Damante Williams – causing a fracture to his skull. The man has been caught and charged with attempted murder.   

 “I had 3 bad injuries, I have been injured on a bike by colliding with another bike rider and ended up breaking a collar bone, Football is a dangerous sport due to the concussions,” says Ms. Polchan 

A student feels the same way as the gym teacher.  

“I think football is a dangerous sport because of the concussions,” Says Josue Luna.   

Another student feels the same way when he got hurt in hockey.   

“I had 5 injuries mostly mild injuries like scrapes, I think hockey is a dangerous sport due to the blades and violence, I don’t worry about getting injured,” says Dontae Wilson.  

A gym teacher feels differently about that.  

“I have been in 5 injuries in volleyball in college, I sprained my fingers as a setter. I was blocking then landed on a partner then I sprained my ankle, I dislocated my shoulder when serving, my labrum had to be put back on both arms, I have chronic injuries, tendonitis, arthritis from diving on the floor… As a coach 20 years, I saw someone’s ACL pop out their knee, I seen people sprain ankle, 2 girls collided got concussions, a girl landed on someone that she broke her leg where her bone popped out… I think that football is the most dangerous sport due to the head injuries.” Ms. Yepez stated.  

She has experienced and seen injuries such as this student.  

“This one time I got hurt during soccer where the guy kick the ball really hard and hurt my hand, I seen people mess up their legs, I saw someone’s bone pop out like the tissue ripped really bad it was pretty gross, I think all sports are dangerous because all of them have a way for someone to get injured.” Moises Gonzalez.  

Sport injuries not only affect athletes, but they can also affect students as well.      

“I’ve seen injuries Happen 3 times. One was a foot injury, another was a head injury, and the other was the head… one of my friends… Was playing floor hockey and was tripped with a stick and sprained his ankle… I’ve also gotten my hands and fingers swollen from playing basketball.” student Roman Hernandez stated.  

Former wrestler Osvaldo Pagoada has seen a few injuries. “One person fractured their wrist by landing hard on his hand. One fractured their ankle; he was running to catch the ball and he jumped for it, and when he landed, he landed wrong. And a concussion from being hit on the head,” he was also injured. “I got a head injury; I was in a wrestling match I got picked up and got slammed in the head,” said Osvaldo.