What are the best candies on Halloween?

Joel Gallegos, Nelson Cano, and Jorge Salgado

Most East students will still trick or treat this Halloween, survey says.  (And, that means a lot of candy!  So, what’s the favorite?)

According to the persona finance website, Americans will spend about 2.6 million dollars in Halloween candy. Some parents admit that they steal their kid’s stash of candy, for example, kit Kats, sneakers and other treats. Looking back to the sale data in 2007-2018 most kids and parents bought peanut butter bars, sour patch kids and double bubble gum. Trick or treating is a celebration that a lot of people like to do. It has been one of the most enjoyable celebrations for kids for a long time. About 41 million children and teens have gone trick or treating in 2018 (According to Census.gov). In a random survey of 90 Morton East students, 56 students reported that they do trick or treat. 

“I like almond joy because I like the almonds that come in the chocolate,” Security Guard Jennifer said.  

  Most people like the sweet taste of chocolate that can make the candy a fan favorite. One of the most liked chocolates is the Snickers bar chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cups chocolates.  

  “Snickers because it has the best chewy texture, and the nutty flavor adds to the flavor of the milky chocolate flavor of the outer layer of the snicker,” Junior Maximilian Gallegos said.  

  Another type of candy people enjoy is the Jolly Ranchers because they can add the nice juicy flavor of watermelon, grape or any other flavor you enjoy.  

 “Jolly Rancher is my life. Why? It gives me hope, it gives me happiness, it is my wonderland, and will never say no to Jolly Ranchers,” Senior Jonathan Zepeda said.    

  You never know what kind of chocolate you’re going to get.  

  “Life is like a box of chocolate,” Math Teacher Mr.Tsios said.   

  With so many candy options, it can be interesting when you get candy you have never gotten.   

  “My favorite candy is Salsaghetti because I like the small spice it comes with which makes it even better.” Sophomore Arizbeth Gallegos said.