Students see supernatural in Mexico


Numerous Morton East students have experienced supernatural activity in Mexico.

South of Mexico City there is a small island known as the Island of Dolls. This island is home to hundreds of dolls with severed limbs, decapitated heads, and missing eyes. This island is extremely disturbing day and night. Hospital Fray Antonio Alcalde y Barriga in Guadalajara, Mexico opened in 1788 and is still a functioning hospital. Reports of several paranormal entities appear in the hospital. Most active is a female nurse named Manuela Lozano who wonders the hospital to this day. Another place in Mexico City there is an abandon mansion that was built in the 19th century. The owners of the house died of unknown causes in the house, due to this paranormal phenomenal the house is owned by the state and is uninhabitable. People who enter this abandon mansion say there are odd temperature changes, voices and bizarre sounds, doors open and close, and sensations on somebody or something pulling and pushing them. In a survey of 100 students, 35 students have experienced supernatural activity, and 65 have not.

La Llorona is a very famous legend and many people claim to hear and see her. 

“There’s myths about La Llorona that she would take children and you can also hear her cry. I do believe in this supernatural activity,” senior Agustin Ramirez said. 

Many claim that evil spirits lurk in the homes in Mexico. 

“I have a friend that has a house in Mexico and there used to be a priest that would perform an exorcism and till this day spirits would be heard and seen,” junior Diego Sanchez said. 

People who experience anything supernatural will not forget what they see. 

“I was on the roof of my grandma’s house, then when I went inside, I turned and saw a dark shadow zooming into the living room. I can still remember and tell this story clearly,” sophomore Jesus Velazquez said.