No sleep can be scary, deadly even

Is it possible for a person to stay awake all night? It was a no-brainer that the percentage of students that stayed awake all night blew away the amount of people that couldn’t stay awake.  

Did you know?  Historically, Russian researchers in the late 1940’s kept five people awake for fifteen days using an experiment gas-based stimulant. The chamber was stocked with books, cots to sleep on but no bedding, running water and toilet. The test subjects were political prisoners deemed enemies of the state during world war ll. It was found that any subject who fell asleep died instantly. In a random survey of 102 Morton East Students 87 have stayed up all night while 15 have not.  

“The way the patients were treated, they didn’t know they were going into the experiment so like coming out of it I wouldn’t be the same person either,” senior Bernardo Corral said. 

Other people wouldn’t want to go through it at all. 

“I’d feel very scared and would somehow try to escape,” sophomore Diana Gomez said. 

Some students think that conducting experiments on people is ethically wrong.  

“The experiment was pretty dark, I don’t know the way they treated the patients and the way they conducted the experiment was pretty messed up,” senior Bernardo Corral said. 

Another student agree. 

“I think that is was probably a really scary thing for the people who were experimented on and there shouldn’t be another,” sophomore Diana Gomez said. 

Many students feel bad for the subjects in the experiment. 

 “At some degree yes, but overall I just feel bad for the people that suffered from the experiment,” sophomore Carolina Tapia said.