So, you want to be an Insurance Agent?

Hector Ceballos

Insurance sales agents commonly sell one or more types of insurance, such as property and casualty, life, health, and long-term care. … Insurance sales agents explain various insurance policies and help clients choose plans that suit them. Most fulltime agents work over 40+ hours and start making around the median annual wage for insurance agentsis $48,150 

In many cases, agents can qualify for jobs with only a high school diploma, but some employers prefer a college degree. … While there is no one degree that is required for insurance sales agents, most states require agents to complete a pre-licensing training course. Basic Requirements. You need a high school diploma or equivalent and an insurance license from your state to work as an insurance agent. The licensing requirements vary between states, but they typically require that you take an insurance course plus pass an exam given by your state.    

The person I had the opportunity to interview was Marco Granja, he is a State Farm insurance agent who works and has his own business in Brookfield, IL. He comes from a hardworking Hispanic family who had been dreaming about the American dream and made it happen. After high school, Mr. Granja dedicated his free time to sell insurance and with hard work and commitment, he made it and opened his own agency under State Farm.  


Q: Tell me about your job, is what you do differently in any way from what others in your occupation do?  

A: I work in my own business under State Farm. I work 10 hours a day and work 6 days out of the week. It may sound like a lot, but thanks to the way I run my business and how close I work to home I’m always with my family and my office is literally around the corner. I’m always up to date with my work and my customers and can’t forget about my family.  


Q: Can you tell me about your background and how you got into the field?  

A: I come from a hard-working Mexican family, raised by my father — a very smart man in business and great role model. I started working for State Farm fresh out of high school. 18 years old and I was selling insurance. I didn’t just apply and got the job I had a mentor who guided me and saw potential in me. He offered me a shot in the company and since I never looked back. Took his foot-steps and now 30 years later I have experience and own my own State Farm.  


Q: What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?  

A: In the business field I am you must have people skills, learn how to always network and simply always be ready to close business and educate the customer. simply satisfy his needs and cover his policies and let him/her know we are her friends and are here to help at any time in any situation.  


Q: How much job security is there for people in your field?  

A: Becoming an insurance agent is not another sales job; it’s an opportunity designed to help people protect who and what matters most. … They understand that their business is not just about insurance products – it’s about people, relationships and making entire communities healthier, safer and more secure. The security of the job is not at 100% because you need the people to trust you and feel safe under your line of insurance. It depends in what type of agent you truly are.  

Q: What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this feel?  

A: In business people skills are always major because you must know how to communicate and explain major parts of the business or topic. So, with the skills, I have gained over the years and the way I have learned to communicate I could have openings with business companies and other retail companies who need people with communication skills.  


Q: What do you think the future holds for people in your occupation?  

A: The job I do day in and day out may seem unimportant or simply an easy task but is necessary by law to have insurance and not just anyone could sell you good and reliable insurance. People come to us and purchase something they can’t see, touch, smell or sometimes even understand what it is but they still buy because they need it. The future for insurance agents holds down a lot because we time, we are saving people money and educating them about what they’re paying for and why they need it.  


Q: What are the biggest challenges in your job?  

A: A tough challenge at the office is dealing with time and simply scheduling out my meetings and trying to serve the people as much as I can. At the end of the day, I’m a human being just like everybody else but I have a great responsibility for covering and protecting all my fellow customers.  

Q: Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?  

A: If you‘re interested in the insurance field there are openings for anyone willing to put in the time and effort. You just have to learn and study and apply all the skills you have into becoming your own salesman. You should start by getting sales skills starting off small like in a clothing store or a job where you’ll have a lot of communication and sales opportunities. After registering yourself to take a test to sell insurance in the state of Illinois.  

Q: Where do your most earnings come from? From your salary or commission?  

A: I do get paid a salary for signing a contract with State Farm every year but where I get to make a profit and put my hard work into is into commission and sell insurance. 


Q: When it comes to being an agent for the people what kind are you?  

A: I tried to let my costumers know that they’re my priority and they could contact us with any questions. It’s better to let them feel welcome and like their family that way it makes business more comfortable.