So, you want to be a Nurse

Crystal Ramirez, Journalism

There are many different colleges’ universities, etc who offer a 4- years’ bachelor’s degree. Out of all the colleges I checked out the one that offers the least expensive tuition including fees was Western Illinois University for $8,541 for a year. However, Chicago state university offers $7,056 for a year plus fees. But both colleges do offer bachelors and master’s degrees. If you’re looking for a community Morton College does offer an associate degree for a low price, but it is just for two years. Then if you still want to get your bachelor’s degree that is four years, I would check out Chicago State University for 4 years or $24,843 plus fees and they do offer a bachelors and master’s degree. You would think that the school is expensive, but Loyola University does offer for 4 years for bachelor and master’s degrees but for $45,030 plus fees.  Although Loyola is a good university it is quite a lot. 

  1.  Q= Was your goal to always be a nurse?  

Since I was young nonstop, I have always talked about being a nurse and helping others. Since I was a kid I would always go to the hospital and I would always be fascinated by the way the nurses would handle the patients or what they do to help a patient out. 

2.  Q= What is the biggest challenge in your job?   

Staffing is an issue of both professional and personal concerns for nurses today. We also do long working hours nurses work back to back or extended shifts.  

3.  Q= What are some benefits of being a nurse?  

They could give us a good salary it could be earned while obtaining more education.  After you become a registered nurse you can go in many directions in your career. You can work in a justice system you might work as a writer, there are no end options when you become a nurse.  

4.  Q= What is better to go for your bachelor or associate degree? 

When you are becoming a registered nurse make sure to obtain proper education but many people may have their own opinion whether it’s to go and get your bachelor or associate degree. You may a diploma, an Associate degree in Nursing or a bachelor’s degree. 

5.  Q= Is the pay worth it?  

Nurses can make good money, but not all do. I’m a nurse practitioner and make good money.  

6.  Q= What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?  

Have fun with your job make sure you love doing what you do because if you don’t you won’t enjoy what you’re doing.  Solid communication skills are a basic foundation for any career 

7.  Q= What do you think the future holds for people in your occupation? 

Nursing is unique among the health care professions in the United States in that it has multiple educational pathways leading to an entry-level license to practice.  

8.    Q= What are some disadvantages of being a nurse?   

Nursing is not easy it can be very physically demanding. There are difficult patients not all patients want or outwardly appreciate your help and dedication to their health. Some patients are easy to work with, but others aren’t at times.  

9.    Q= How dangerous is it being a nurse?  

Nurses are closer to the danger; we do work with many different patients that we could or able to catch something. It could be a highly contagious illnesses to their work with dangerous medical devices.  

10.   Q= Would you recommend this job for someone else?  

Being a nurse could be fun at times. I would recommend this job to someone else but only if the person would really love to do that job. If you wouldn’t enjoy it then it wouldn’t be a right or good job for you