So you want to be a math teacher?

Zutaury Leyva

There are many public and private colleges that offer teaching programs for teachers. One of the least expensive tuition fees after taxes would be North Eastern which offers a teaching degree for four years for 42,336 dollars after taxes. If you decided to go to the North Eastern you’d go, there the full 4 years and the great thing about it you don’t have to worry about transferring any credits around since you’re attending the four-year institution that also has a teaching program. One school that you want to avoid is the American Intercontinental University which is a propriety school which means that it’s a for-profit school, proprietary schools are for-profit schools which are schools seeking to make profits from their students and it’s not guaranteed that their diplomas or credentials will be accepted from other corporations or conglomerates. In total for a full-time student, the cost of getting a bachelor’s degree would be 42,336 dollars after taxes.

Eric Gonzalez is a math teacher at Farragut High school in Little Village. He went to North Eastern for all four years and graduated got his bachelor’s degree in teaching and received his associates…

“Did you have a hard time finding a job after college?”

“The first 4 months were tough I was working at a Dunkin Donuts, but I kept interviewing and eventually a financial firm hired me.  “

“How much was your starting salary?”

“Well when I started, I was making roughly 40 thousand but I eventually started earning more as I continued to teach.”

“What do you do the majority of the time?”

“As surprising as it may sound I grade my student’s work. And when I’m not I’m looking for a different point of views on approaching math problems”

Would you recommend someone in the field?”

“Definitely, our job goes beyond just teaching a subject to students. We are preparing the new wave of kids who will lead our country one day and our impact as teachers will leave a mark.”

“What skills would you say are needed to be a teacher?”

“I’d say patience since not everyone can learn as quickly as others”

“how do you handle a student who refuses to show up to class?”

“You never really know what someone is going through outside of school so while they do show up I usually tend to encourage them to do their work and graduate”