So, you want a Business Career?

My dream is a job is working in Business/Commerce.

This will include accounting as used in for-profit and nonprofit institutions, business organizations, and the process of interchanging goods and services (producing, buying, and selling). 

There are 17 schools that offer degrees in Business/Commerce. Ten of these colleges offer a bachelor’s degree which is for four years. The least expensive tuition in Chicago is at DeVry University with the tuition and fees being $17,512. DeVry is the cheapest, but it is a school that is proprietary for profit. Another option is going to Kaskaskia college being cheaper with the tuition and fees being at $12,330 if you’re out of state. For Kaskaskia college being in-state tuition and fees are $7,530 and being district the tuition and fees are $4,470. Kaskaskia College is at 27210 College Rd, Centralia, IL 62801. Kaskaskia is in-state, so it’s cheaper. Stay away from private schools like Saint Xavier that offer the same degrees in business/commerce because you can get the same degree in other schools where the price half of the cost. Saint Xavier’s tuition, fees, and room add up to $43,310. The most economical option is going to the least expensive college or university because you could get the same degree for a lot less. Morton college has business management. The Associate in Applied Science in business Management degree prepares students for a business career immediately after graduation. 

 The person I interviewed is Joseph, and he is from South Florida. He works in his family business where they make homemade food and sell it to others. Joseph is 26 years old; he owns a car and a Motorcycle.

What college did you get into?

I went to Florida Southern College. It was a dream of mine to go to that college.

How much did you pay in total?

In total, I paid $34,394 that includes tuition, fees, and books. I didn’t pay for a dorm because I live close to the college.

Did you have a job during college and how much were you making?

I worked in a Pizza Hut where I was making $12 an hour.

How much do you make at your job at the moment?

It all depends on how much we sell but the average I make a week is $800 because I also deliver the food and get tips.

How long has it been since the business started?

We have been doing this for about 3 years so we are well known in our community.

Are you going to work somewhere else?

Yes, I want to work with a big company where I do business for them and help them be successful.