Photo essay: Night school gym makes due with limited resources


Valery Sosa and Jasmine Bonilla

MAKING DUE… Students from night school use a basketball to play soccer. Night school has lacked some of the resources given throughout normal school hours.
TOUGH IT OUT… Night school students play a quick game of tug a war. After a game of softball with the class, the students still wanted to expand their energy.
LACK OF INTEREST… Students are seen as uninterested. Some are found sleeping, on their phones, or even just trying to hide from the teacher to avoid doing work.
CHOOSING TO PARTICIPATE… Girls seen engage in night school activities. Students are told to participate in any type of exercise or activity in order to receive a good grade.
MAKING NEW FRIENDS… Boys get together to play a game of one on one. The girls passed on the game and watched from the sidelines.