Who is more controlling in a relationship, men or women?

Angel Mendez, April Batista, and Bryan Garcia

Contrary to the common belief of men being more controlling than women, in a random survey of 110 Morton East students, 65% reported that women were more controlling. 

A total of 61% of teens say they have been in a relationship according to Stageoflife.com. Being in a controlling relationship can grow to be dangerous because aggressiveness, possessiveness, and manipulation can begin to affect someone mentally.

“Women are more controlling than men because they are so demanding and ask a lot of questions and they also want attention,” an anonymous senior Morton student said. 

It might not be as simple, as it changes with every relationship.  

“It depends on the relationship. Every relationship is different,” special education teacher Ms. Crofts said. 

The relationship can also be missing trust between them.  

“In my experience, I don’t know that it’s one gender that’s more controlling than the other. From what I’ve seen and personal relationships that I’ve been in, I feel like the controlling part comes when there isn’t trust so if there are trust issues going into the relationship, I think that’s what results in a controlling nature of it. I think that if you’re coming out of a relationship where you’ve been lied to and then you go into a new relationship that’s where that happens. But I don’t think its necessarily more men or women who are more controlling. I think it depends on a lot more,” English teacher Ms. Orosco said.