Post high school plans are pretty split with graduates


Chris Barajas at his graduation.

What will our graduates be doing next year? Depending on who you ask, you’re liable to get a different answer: the pathways are pretty split.

After high school, we all had a hard decision to make: whether to go to college or not. College is a great option if you want to continue your education and gain new skills. In a random survey of 50 Morton students, 18 students said that they will be going to college after graduating, 15 students said they will not be going to college, and 17 students said they will be taking a gap year.

“I’m planning on taking a gap year to get my life together, get a job, save some money, and start again in fall 2024,” said Morton East student Maria Hernandez.

Some students have trouble paying for college and need help, so they take a year off to work and save money to be able to afford college. Other students take a year off to prioritize their mental health since students often struggle with mental issues and need some time to find themselves. But for a lot of people, college is just not for them, and they want to attend a different type of school or pursue a different path that college can’t provide.

“My plan has always been going to college after high school and continuing to better myself,” said Morton East student Nataly Lopez.

From past stories I have heard, I always thought that taking a break after high school was not always the best choice due to some students never going back. Yes, we all have our reasons for taking time off, but going to college is the best thing you can do for yourself. Going to college allows you to complete your education faster and potentially earn more money than you would without a college degree. Taking care of your future will truly help you and your family improve and stick together because your parents want you to succeed. So, if someone does not want to go to college for themselves, they should consider doing it for their parents.

“I cannot wait to start a new chapter of my life in college,” said Lucia Luna.