Krispy Kreme versus Dunkin Donuts: who wins donut wars?

Andrea Virto

J. Sterling Morton East Students prefer Krispy Kreme donuts over Dunkin’s Donuts.

Sugar is one of life’s greatest indulgences, it’s the most craved food in the world and seems nearly impossible to live without. Here at the J. Sterling Morton East High School, students seem to have an extreme infatuation with doughnuts. No one can blame the students here at Morton about their craziness for something sweet, especially when that sweetnessis satisfied by doughnuts. When people consume doughnuts, do they have a preference to the type, freshness, or brand? Krispy Kreme donuts are light, airy and essentially melt in your mouth, while dunkin makes theirs a bit thicker and denser, almost like bagels. It’s no joke that these two places have yummy donuts, and so it was my mission to figure out which one students preferred the most? In a random survey of 100 students that attend Morton East, only 20  prefer Dunkin. With this information I was able to gather feedback on what differentiates both places when it comes to their yummy donuts.

“When someone mentions Donuts I instantly think of Krispy Kreme, I love how they pack them while theirs still warm and soft, overall they just seem fresher than Dunkins.” Senior classmate Genesis Pereyra mentioned.

It’s no secret that when you purchase a Krispy Kreme’s original glazed donut, it melts into your mouth like cotton candy, and clearly people seem to love it’s softness.

“I used to love Dunkin when I was younger, but once I tried donuts from Krispy Kreme, I instantly changed my mind, Dunkins donuts are put on display the whole day, which makes them kind of denser, in other words I feel like it loses it’s freshness.” Senior classmate Samantha Acosta mentioned.

Interestingly, many people seem to be bothered by how Donuts from Dunkin don’t stay warm and fresh throughout the day, due to how they are put up on display for customers to see.

“I mainly go to Dunkin, just cause I love their coffee and munchkins, also because it’s closer to where I live and the nearest Krispy Kreme is in Hillside which is still a bit far for me.” Senior classmate Sandra Solis stated.

Others don’t consume donuts elsewhere due to it’s location, and Cicero does have a Dunkin in every corner which give the students here at Morton go for a quick and fast stop.

“Prefiero las donas de Krispy Kreme, es todo lo que tengo que decir.” Brandon Virto (Brother) mentioned.